How to Use Blogging to Boost Your Brand by Morgan Anderson

I’m so excited to be covering one of my favorite topics – how to use blogging to boost your brand. Now, before you totally shut down your computer or throw your phone across the room, don’t be scared. Blogging can be SO good for you and your business. If you’re hesitant, I totally get it. Blogging can be intimidating. It takes work, time, and talent that doesn’t necessarily come naturally. But I have good news…

There are a million benefits to blogging and you can learn how I do it and how I still have a personal life inside my brand new Blogging for Haters course launching this September. Today I’m going to be sharing tips of how it can boost your branding, but inside this course you’ll learn everything from how I determine what I will be blogging, creating a schedule that works for me, and how I promote my posts. Trust me, if blogging is a struggle for you, I’m helping you make it easy and fun. I know you’re probably glaring at me, but yes, blogging can be fun!


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I’m sure you’re wondering how to use blogging to boost your brand, so I’m going to get right to it. But, before you read on, try to have an open mind. Don’t write this post off right away and say “This won’t work for my business.” It can work if you can commit, friend.


How to use Blogging to Boost Your Brand by Morgan Anderson on Biz and Bubbly


It’s Your Platform

I know I’ve been talking about this topic over and over again, but social media isn’t forever. All of those followers you’ve been piling up? How are they going to keep in touch when Instagram inevitably fades from the focus of our audience? Have you ever asked them to visit your website or join your email list?

If you haven’t, there is still time! By writing a valuable blog post as little as once a month, you can connect with your followers on a deeper level. Even though we can be personal on social media, there is only so much you can put into a caption. Show your followers you value them enough to write a blog post for them that will add value to their life. Teach them something, prepare them to work with you, let them get to know YOU.


Reveal your brand in-depth

Like I just mentioned, social media is usually just the tip of the iceberg. On your blog, you can share your brand story in-depth with your followers. Think of how you experience social media…

You’re scrolling and liking, mindlessly, until an image catches your eye that makes you stop in your tracks. What if an interesting image and compelling first few words of a caption could invite your followers to visit your new blog post? You’ve caught their attention, and they’re ready to learn more from you. Now, they’ve read half of your blog post (or more if they have a really good attention span) and they’ve pinned it to revisit later. All you need to do is get their foot in the door by inviting them to your blog for some free content.

Then you’ll have the opportunity to share more and more about your brand as they revisit it. You can publish amazing content that you’re probably already creating, just with a little more meat. You can share your why behind your business, what lessons you’ve learned along the way, and the BIG things you’re doing.

I like to think of my blog as my storybook. It’s full of milestones and stories from my own life, but there is an underlying message. Even in this post, I am staying true to my brand. I’m giving away information it took me years to figure out. I’m using my blog as an inviting and safe place for creatives like you to learn and better their own businesses.

Through blogging and sharing your brand’s story, you can turn your followers into dedicated readers who are ready to support you and cheer you on.


Builds know, love, and trust

I hear Jaclyn Mellone speak on this topic all the time, and I LOVE it! I knew when I started my business I wasn’t in it for the money, fame, overnight success, or whatever else people assume you are handed for building a business from the ground up. I was in it for the relationships. I was in it for the difference I could make with my calling and talent. Even if I wasn’t confident in what I was doing.

Building know, love, and trust with your audience is the key to converting followers to customers and clients. If a person doesn’t feel these 3 things about you, they are not going to be comfortable handing over their credit card information. If they feel 1 or 2 of these things about you, they may be more willing to invest…but if they know, love, and trust you…they’re going to be the first one in line for your next course launch and the first one to reserve a fall session with you.

Like Jasmine Star says, I believe your website is the handshake and the blog is the conversation. On social media, people can quickly and easily get to know you. They see your posts in passing and might love a comment here or there. Your website should prove you are trustworthy with reviews from past clients, recent features, and proof of your work. But your blog…this can be where you captivate your audience. I know when I know and trust someone, I find myself getting lost on their blog. Reading their story and all the free information they’re sharing with ME, and I am so grateful for the time they spent to write every word. I feel loved by them even if I have never met them. I feel like every post is written to me.



Content Upgrades

You know what’s better than a free blog post packed with information? A free content upgrade that will help a reader implement what you’re sharing with them. Aside from building know, love, and trust, another goal of your blog is to grow your email list. Utilizing content upgrades is a great way to do this!

A content upgrade is an extension of your blog post. For instance, if you are sharing a tutorial on how to DIY something in your kitchen, you could easily add a downloadable PDF of a breakdown of your tool box or plans for them to DIY the project in their home. Yes, this will take some extra time, but it helps build trust with your reader because you’re willing to give them something else for free.

Not to mention, getting them on your email list is going to boost your brand so much more! Writing an awesome blog post is the stepping stone.


Guest Blogging

Still not convinced this you can regularly use blogging to boost your brand? That’s okay! Start with some baby steps. Think of a topic you could write a killer blog post on, but write it for someone else’s blog.

Guest blogging opens you up to a brand new audience that you didn’t even have to build. You’re exposed to new people, and some of them will come running to your site to see how you can serve them.

The best part about guest blogging? You can do it once and be done if you want. I constantly see people asking for guest bloggers in Facebook groups, so keep your eyes open there. You can also be apply to be a guest blogger on Biz + Bubbly and Rising Tide! If you end up blogging on one of those sites, link to them in the comments, I’d love to read them!



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