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Hi friend, I’m Adriane!

I’m the founder of Biz & Bubbly, energetic business coach, marketing disruptor, instructional designer, theatre nerd, Henry VIII aficianado (seriously ask me anything 🌹), Team Stark, and probs your soon-to-be biz BFF.

And I created The Expansive CEO Summit because I’ve built and scaled multiple businesses, both brick and mortar and online, and I wanted to create an accessible resource for online business owners who are in the sweet spot of having broken the 6-figure mark and now 

Monday speakers + panelists

Note that if a speaker or panelist will appear more than once, their biography will only be featured once below

Erica Courdae

Intersecting Values + Impact In Your Business | 2pm est

Erica Courdae is a trusted advisor to entrepreneurs and executive teams committed to shifting focus, power, and resources in order to create more equity in their business and the world. A certified coach and 20+ year beauty industry veteran, Erica has provided training for established businesses such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Martha Beck Incorporated, and Paul Mitchell School. Her leadership has helped hundreds of individuals define their values, diversify their networks, and call people into conversations about inclusivity and individuality. Her voice has been featured on podcasts, workshops, and online communities with a combined reach of over ten thousand people.

Adriane Galea

Title of presentation | 10am est

Adriane Galea is a lifelong entrepreneur who has built and scaled multiple businesses

M. Shannon Hernandez

Your Blueprint for a Better Life & Business | 11am est

M. Shannon Hernandez, also known as the Joy Money Catalyst, is ALL ABOUT THAT JOY in life and biz. She is specifically known around the globe for her joyful Business Growth Strategies. She is the founder of Joy Money Revolution and works with online coaches and consultants teaching them how to grow a profitable business that includes abundant time off.

A sought after expert in the world of online business strategy, Shannon has been featured on CBS, ABC, The Huffington Post, FOX, and NBC. She has over 25 years in award-winning curriculum design and is a master trainer and teacher. When she is not teaching, she’s funding projects that impact the world and its people.

Loran Wilson

Increasing Brand Trust & Consistency through a High-End Client Experience | 3pm est

Loran Wilson is a Positioning & Client Experience Strategist. She spends her time supporting service providers, coaches & consultants in creating systems and processes that position their expert authority online and behind the scenes.

Tuesday speakers + panelists

Shannon Matson

How to Master Plan 12 Months of Revenue Stacking | 12pm est

Shannon Matson is the owner of The Social Bungalow, a company dedicated to helping entrepreneurs structure their ingenious online businesses. As the go-to Online Business Architect, she teaches high-level business & marketing strategies designed to create wildly in-demand businesses.

Dondrea Owens

Increase Profit + Pay Yourself More | 3pm est

Dondrea Owens is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and founder of The Creative’s CFO—a virtual accounting firm helping creatives and small business owners know their numbers so that they can grow their profit, level up their life, and keep more money while doing it. Before launching The Creative’s CFO, Dondrea worked in public accounting by day and ran her wedding invitations business Jenkins Rose by night. So she knows first-hand the unique challenges small businesses face—and exactly how to help them grow. She is passionate about educating and empowering women entrepreneurs to confidently make financial decisions in their businesses.

Isabella Sanchez

Combining strategy and mindset to scale past 6 figures this year. | 11am est

Isabella is a latinx 7-figure entrepreneur and online business coach. She helps female entrepreneurs become leaders and build massively influential brands and profitable businesses with any audience size.

Topsie VandenBosch

How to Handle Jealousy as You Scale Your Business | 2pm est

Topsie VandenBosch, LMSW, is a Mindset Coach for female entrepreneurs.  She helps ambitious female bosses experience freedom from the toxic thought patterns that stop them from making bank in their businesses. 

Topsie has assisted in transforming the mindsets of hundreds of women over the past 10 years. She believes that if more women are given access to proven mindset strategies to conquer the fear monsters that come up in owning a business, more women will experience increased levels of mental wellness and, inevitably, make BANK. 

Wednesday speakers + panelists

Heather Barb

Growing a Multi 6-figure Minimalist Online Business | 12pm est

Heather is an entrepreneur and business coach ready to help you build a profitable, intentional, and sustainable business online. She specializes in offer creation, high level sales, overall business structure, and aligned launch strategies. Heather’s goal is always to help her clients build a business that feels authentic and aligned for them. When not coaching clients, Heather enjoys practicing yoga, doing DIY home projects with her fiancé, Sean, sipping on a delicious margarita in her backyard, and taking spontaneous trips to Disney World.

Adriane Galea

Title of presentation | 10am est

Adriane Galea is a lifelong entrepreneur who has built and scaled multiple businesses

Holly Morphew

How to create wealth simply and reach financial independence | 11am est

Holly Morphew, AFC® is an award-winning financial coach, writer, and speaker based in Denver, CO. She is the CEO + Founder of Financial Impact, a specialized financial coaching practice that helps career-driven entrepreneurs and professionals create personal wealth and financial independence. She began teaching personal finance in 2006 as a service project with Rotary International and received the prestigious “Rotarian of the Year” award for her work in financial literacy in 2008. She is the author of the best-selling book Simple Wealth, and as an Accredited Financial Counselor® with the AFCPE, Holly has also been recognized for “Bridging the Gap” for outstanding work in private practice.

Thursday speakers + panelists

alex beadon

Sam Altieri

Feminine-Led Business & Avoiding Burnout as a High Achiever | 12pm est

Sam is an inspiring and passionate top-charted podcaster, empowerment coach, author, and feminine business mentor for aspiring and new entrepreneurs. She used to be extremely disconnected from her body, her intuition and struggled with her identity, self-confidence, an eating disorder and an awful body image for the first 3 decades of her life.

It wasn’t until she reconnected to her spirituality and started using embodiment practices like dance, breathwork, and visualization that she was able to break free of her low self-worth and limitations and find out what it means to be abundant and liberated.

Now, she has created multiple six figures in less than 2 years purely through social media by inspiring ambitious women to say “f*ck the rules” and create their own. Her philosophy is that our secret sauce for a life full of happiness and abundance comes when we own and show who we truly are when no one’s watching.

alex beadon

Alex Beadon

From $10k to $100k Launches | 2pm est

Alex Beadon is a Launch Strategist for online course creators & membership site owners. Alex supports businesses in maximizing their online visibility and having their first six-figure launch.

alex beadon

Emma Burgess

Wealth Expansion panel | 1pm est

Emma Burgess is a business & manifestation coach to thousands of women worldwide who desire to have everything they want being who they are. Emma makes manifestation super practical, to help you quantum leap into the life you desire, right now. Prior to February 2020 Emma was struggling in her business, making around 3K a month and feeling like she was failing. After connecting back to her truth and refining her craft, Emma quantum leaped to 1.3 million in 2020 and now has a multimillion dollar company. Emma loves making manifestation easy for you so you can create what you desire quickly, and by being yourself.

Emma can be found @emmainflow on Instagram or in her Facebook group Soul-Driven Babes.

alex beadon

Keila Hill-Trawick

Establishing a Solid Accounting Foundation for Growth | 11am est

Keila Hill-Trawick is the Founder + CEO of Little Fish Accounting, a boutique CPA firm dedicated to the accounting and tax needs of professional and creative service providers. In addition, she is co-founder of Accountants of Color, a safe space for Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) accountants to engage, grow, and build their firms. Keila also donates time and support to various charitable organizations, including service on the boards of Brown Girls Do, Inc and All-Options.

alex beadon

Stephanie Anne Hughson

Wealth Expansion panel | 1pm est

Stephanie Anne Hughson, otherwise known as @itsxogingy on Instagram, and the “unicorn” of the coaching industry, is a multi-millionaire coach, content creator, influencer and wealth expander. She has turned her love for social media and brand building into one of the top coaching practices in the industry and has also created one of the most innovative personal brands online. Stephanie has built her business using 100% organic social media attraction and relationship building. She works with hundreds of clients in her group programs, a year long Collective, targeted masterminds and high-level private coaching. Her teachings are the perfect blend of tangible steps AND energetic momentum. Steph’s clients love her applicable and realistic approach to building a coaching biz! Steph is undoubtedly a visionary entrepreneur who continues to pivot, set trends, and pave the way for influencer coaches around the world.

alex beadon

Christine Michelle

Wealth Expansion panel | 1pm est

Christine Michelle is the Founder and CEO of The AlignedSoul by Ana-Hob® International Transformation Brand & author of The Aligned Receiver.  Christine Michelle helps you remember who TF you truly are, obliterate old stories and embody who you came here to be NOW.

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