How to DIY Your Linktree by Morgan Anderson

A few month ago when Linktree was roll out, I was ecstatic! I was no longer going to have to fret about the perfect link to put in my Instagram bio. Updating it constantly to my newest blog post or to an event I was hosting, or an email opt-in link. A few weeks ago I was thinking about how I could stop using certain services that took people off of my website (as in landing pages hosted by ConvertKit or Linktree prior to entering my site). That’s when I decided to create my own, and today I’m going to show you how to DIY your Linktree!


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How to DIY Your LinkTree by Morgan Anderson on Biz and Bubbly


I had seen other Instagrammers had created an Instagram-specific landing page that they used as their exit link, but I wasn’t crazy about creating an entirely new homepage just for my Instagram followers. I loved that Linktree gave them a few options and they could easily find new options to explore. But, about a week after I started using Linktree and word got out, it crashed for a day or two…


It wasn’t that big of an issue, I just changed the exit link to my blog link like it was before. For the record, I’ve never experienced any other issues with Linktree and I still LOVE the concept. There is a free version, and now there is an upgraded option that allows you to customize it to fit your brand much better.


How to DIY Your LinkTree by Morgan Anderson on Biz and Bubbly


Linktree is a great starting point for everyone!


I love the simplicity and the ingenious thinking of the creators of Linktree! Our followers usually don’t want to leave the platform they are on, so when we constantly ask them to leave the Instagram app, it better be good! Linktree is simple, to the point, and directs your followers right where you want them to go. They don’t land on your website and then have to navigate to your newest blog post.


The insights are really great. You can easily see what buttons are doing well, and maybe find out why so many people are looking at your services page but aren’t booking with you. You can also see what opt-in freebies intrigues them enough to click.


How to DIY Your LinkTree by Morgan Anderson on Biz and Bubbly


Here’s why I decided to DIY my Linktree.



I don’t own their platform.

At the end of the day, I don’t “own” Linktree. I’m trying to be very protective of all the things I’ve built and that I take so long to perfect.


I get them on my site ASAP.

Why not have my followers directed to a page laid out like Linktree that’s on my website, that way if they want to take a look around they can? My end goal is to get my followers to my website and onto my email list, I just see Linktree as the middle man that I can replace in an afternoon.



I can have a perfectly branded + unique exit link.

Mainly because it’s a page on my website. I know not everyone is a graphic designer or would know how exactly to go about DIY this sort of web page, but it’s not impossible. There are countless YouTube tutorials out there and lots of really talented web designers that you can hire to do this for you if you want!


How to DIY Your Linktree


Have I intrigued you yet?! If not, that’s okay! Everyone is different and if you don’t think it’s worth your time or effort to DIY your Linktree, no hard feelings. If you can easily whip up a new page on your website and have the time to do it, just try it out and see how you like it.


I use the WordPress platform and my site design is done with ProPhoto6, but you can apply this to whatever services you’re working with.


Set up your new exit link


Create a new page that will be specifically for your Instagram exit link. My exit link primarily drives traffic to building my email list and where my followers can grab a freebie. It made sense for me to name my link to draw them in and increase the likelihood they would visit the link.


Depending on your business and what you are wanting to drive traffic to, you could name it Work with Me. You can get a little creative, but make sure your overall message is clear and in as few words as possible.


Keep the design clean, simple, and to the point.


I love the design of the Linktree link, so I decided to make it look similar, but in a way that better fit my brand. Remember, the key is simplicity, not to distract them from clicking on the buttons you’ve included on this page! We all have a bit of Squirrel! syndrome so don’t make it worse.


How to DIY Your LinkTree by Morgan Anderson on Biz and Bubbly


I sized the content of this page to 900 px wide so that my buttons would stack just like they do in Linktree. When my followers click this link they will immediately be invited to check out 3 freebies and a blog post I think they’ll find helpful. They can check out all of the options if they want to because they will be taken back to this page.


I chose to do a primarily white background with a blue border, which matches my site, and buttons in my other brand colors. Buttons work great for me because I’ve already sprinkled them into my site design. You can easily have text with an arrow or something similar instead of using a button.


Optimize this page to connect with your followers


Since I am obsessed with personal branding and help other creatives with their branding, it was very important for me to include a photo of myself and my bio on this page. On Instagram I only have 150 characters to share #allthethings I want my followers to know. There’s not much room for me to talk about myself and my business. They have obviously gotten to know me through Instagram, but this bio gives them more insight into who I am and gives them the opportunity to connect with me on my site.


How to DIY Your LinkTree by Morgan Anderson on Biz and Bubbly


Then, at the bottom of the page I am sure to leave links to My Services, Website, and the Blog. If they’ve already downloaded all the freebies I’m linking to, they can choose one of those options instead. And this page will have the same footer as the rest of my site and the menu. And I know my followers are smart, so if they click that link and want to find something specific on my site, they can navigate using the menu instead of exiting Linktree to get to my site.


Your social media efforts should always direct your followers to your website.


I hope this post helps you DIY your Linktree or at least know how to leverage your exit link! There is power in that link. Keep it clear, to the point, and easy to navigate!



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