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About a year ago  I received an email from someone at a company called Product Peel. In the email, the man explained he used to work for Facebook and now works with Facebook for Business interviewing users of their products. He had noticed my company was running ads and I interacted frequently with their products online. He was curious if I would be interested in a call to see if I would be a good fit for their upcoming feature on their Facebook for Business blog? (A Facebook page which has a TEN MILLION followers?).


Would I?


Once the cynical former New Yorker in me verified they were actually who they said they were (there are real people at Facebook?!), I said yes and then sat at my desk having a mild anxiety attack. I mean, running my stuff by THE Facebook meant I was really going to find out if I knew what I was doing like I thought I did.


Submit my stuff I did and lo and behold a client and I were featured shortly after discussing the success of our Facebook ad campaign!

How to Create a Great Ad on Social Media by Little Red Promotions on Biz and Bubbly

By following these steps, I reached 5x the amount of people and increased sign-ups for my client in 40% less time than it had taken her the year before.


  • Know Your Audience

The more you know about your client, the easier it will be to anticipate your customers’ needs and offer solutions or services through your business. Get specific on who you are targeting. One of the ways you can target ads is using ‘interest targeting’ to build your audience. You can select specifications for your ad audience based off of income levels, within x amount of miles of a specific address, if it’s a single or family household and access your ads manager insights (under Audience) to see specific local area interests of the audience of your page. Use this info!

Ask yourself these simple questions to get started for an interest targeted audience:

How old is your audience?

What type of money do they need to make to afford you?

Where are they?

What gender are they typically?

What companies/brands have they same client demographic as you?


If you have email lists available, you can create custom and lookalike audiences from those lists. I would also recommend utilizing the Facebook pixel on your website to build a custom and lookalike audiences of website visitors.  Those audiences are the perfect way to market to clients who already know you and like you and market to an audience of people who look like (and are interested in the same things) as your current audience!


  • Great Copy and Images

Create something YOU would want to look at. It’s your first (and perhaps only impression) to these clients you are paying to reach. You have between 9-11 seconds to grab someone’s attention as they scroll through their newsfeed. Strong images, a clear call to action and engaging ad copy (that is NOT too long) highlighting your unique services lets them know what you’re selling when you’re selling it and how you are selling it.

Bonus Tip: Carousel ads for Facebook are GREAT. It allows you the option to feature more photos and more text about your product.


  • The Budget

Keep in mind how competitive your market is. If you’re trying to reach stay-at-home moms between 30-42 that’s a highly desirable audience to marketers. You may need to put a little extra in to make sure your ads can ‘bid’ against your competitors.  


I have run ad campaigns with $50 to $500 and have seen results with both budgets.  The important thing to ask yourself is: How much are you willing to spend to reach your audience? How much are you willing to invest to make a sale?


  • Pay Attention to Your Ads

Give your ad at least 24 hours before you consider messing with it. After 24 hours, then you can dig into the metrics. How is the cost per click? Relevance score? Is your objective in running the ad occurring (i.e. engagement, or page likes or clicks to the website)? Check your stats and Google analytics and see what those numbers are. If need be, start small with the tweaks- perhaps “food and drink” is too broad an interest but “culinary art” is closer to your ideal audience. Make the change and see what happens. Keep in mind your budget, if you have $20 to reach your audience and in 24 hours have already spent half of that, then you need to either up your budget as your audience is competitive to reach or adjust your audience to find the sweet spot of not too broad and not too impossibly specific.


Swapping out the image to a new one is also one of the first tactics I try when editing ad campaigns for better performance results.

Bonus Tip: If you’re noticing a lot of clicks to the website but it’s not converting in terms of sign-ups, etc. then take a long hard look at your website. Is it professional? Is it clear? Is it easy to navigate? Clearly outline why someone should buy from you?


  • Back Up What You’re Selling with Your Social Media

Social media is where people turn to learn more about brands they love and to find new ideas and inspiration. People turn to their social media community for referrals on vendors and products.  A recent study from Think With Google said 82% of shoppers consult their phone on purchases they are about to make in a store.  Thus your social media presence for your company needs to answer questions potential customers would have specifically, use your content as an opportunity to educate them on what you offer and why they should buy from you.


How to Create a Great Ad on Social Media by Little Red Promotions on Biz and BubblyABOUT THE AUTHOR

Deirdre Fentem, Little Red Promotions

A former New Yorker turned Coloradan (and loving it!), Deirdre is a big lover of dark coffee, equality, and one-liners. A sense of humor, communication, and collaboration are the cornerstones for how Deirdre runs her business. Through Little Red Promotions, Deirdre works one-on-one with established businesses to deepen their online presence, strengthen their connections, and optimize their engagement. Her motto is “‘doing’ social media is good. But strategic social media is smart.”


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