7 Things to Keep You Busy During Slow Season by Morgan Anderson

If you’re a creative girl boss like me, you are probably used to being super busy. Juggling your business, personal life (what’s that??), fur and human babies, a job, and about 20 other things.


Then, slow season hits. It’s cold outside and every time you open your inbox…crickets. When you’re used to juggling so many things, when you’re not so busy, it’s easy to get stressed out. Instead of worrying about not bringing on new clients or starting new projects, I want you to take advantage of your slow season!


7 Things to Keep You Busy During Slow Season by Morgan Anderson on Biz and Bubbly


There are few times throughout the year you actually have time to work on your business. With constant clients, shoots, errands, calls, meetings, etc., many things are probably being neglected. Your slow season is the perfect time to get your business prepared for your next busy season! So don’t worry, I’ve got 7 things to keep you busy during your slow season!


1. Website Maintenance


Our websites are the most neglected thing in our businesses, can I get an amen?? And what’s scary about that is that our websites are the first place our ideal clients go to decide if they are going to hire us. And if our website isn’t a good representation of the work we do, it’s running slow, there is outdated information, or there are missing links, that could be bad for business.


I recommend doing a quick website check up during your Monthly Duty Day, but during your slow season, you should go over it with a fine tooth comb.


Here are a few ways to make sure your site is up to date:


  • Update your website’s theme and all plugins
  • Go through past posts (as many as you want) and add/update SEO titles, and alt descriptions on posts and images.
  • Add recent testimonials from clients
  • Add feature badges
  • Update your About Page
  • Go through every page and make sure the info is still accurate
  • Click through all of your menus and common clicked links to make sure they are working
  • Update your portfolio
  • Update your contact info, if necessary


2. Purge your Inbox and Desktop


I don’t know about you, but in the course of a year (or busy season) my inbox and desktop become cluttered with all sorts of things and I have no idea where they come from!!!


If your computer is running slow while you’re trying to work (and in turn is making you work slower), it’s likely because of all the new files on your desktop. It’s time to delete the screenshots you don’t need anymore, and backup what you do need to an external hard drive or Dropbox/Google Drive.


When it comes to your inbox, I know it can get a little scary. You’ve probably subscribed to A LOT of newsletters. Some have been beneficial, but others don’t interest you anymore. Start unsubscribing when you get a new email from them, or try out Unroll.me to bulk unsubscribe.


Get in the habit of keeping your files organized and off your desktop now so it’s not as big of an issue next year. Same thing for subscribing to everything!


3. Create Content


The slow season is usually pretty inspiring for me. I have taken the time to slow down and do some things I enjoy. Like crocheting, spending time outside (when it isn’t freezing), working on house projects, and watching movies I love.


I give myself more time to write during the slow season and stock up on blog posts for the next year. It’s such a great feeling to get ahead and know I have some good stuff for the new year! Go somewhere new and create content. Do a little living so you can share your story during the busy season.


Set up a photo shoot, get new headshots taken, go to an event and photograph it. Do all those things you’re usually too busy to do, document it, and share the content during your busy season.


4. Revamp your Social Media


Like our desktops and inboxes, our social media can start to look a little, well, messy during the busy season. We’re doing all we can just to stay on top of our work and post things, that we get a little sloppy. And that’s okay! That gives you something to do during the slow season!


Take a week to clean up your Pinterest board, archive any Instagram posts that just aren’t working and spammy posts on Facebook that are no longer relevant. While you’re at it, you can go ahead and update the bio section of each of your social platforms!


Don’t forget to pin blog posts you may have missed and update your portfolios on Facebook (a little bit at a time).


5. Create a Business & Marketing Plan for the New Year


It’s time to dream big, boss! Now’s your chance to set some goals, do the things you didn’t get done last year, and make your life a little bit easier.


Creating a business plan doesn’t have to be rocket science. In fact, Rising Tide has a free guide on Business Planning that you can grab here. You probably have the skeleton of your business plan done, but you can always dig a little deeper and re-evaluate for the next year.


  • Identify your unique offering
  • Define your ideal client
  • Narrow down your packages and pricing
  • Implement automation tools [Link to Automation blog post]
  • Determine what worked last year
  • Determine what didn’t work last year
  • Consider hiring


Really take some time to consider doing things differently for your business. The last thing you want is to be facing burnout during your busiest season because you took on too much.



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6. Do something creative – outside of what you do


My favorite thing to do in the slow season is stock up on Brit + Co. creative classes during their Black Friday sale! Last year, my sisters and I did Alyssa Thiel’s Fauxligraphy Pen Calligraphy Online Class and it was so fun! I mean, they did much better than me, but it was still fun to do something new!



You could also attend a local workshop on weaving, or go to a wine and paint studio! Something you can either do with your friends, or make new friends at!


7. Learn a Something New


There are always things I am learning in my business. But sometimes during the busy season there is just no way to really learn a new skill. The slow season is the perfect time to do that! I am hoping to dig into Email Marketing and Pinterest during this slow season! I know they are 2 things I should be doing better in my business, I just haven’t had the chance to really learn about them.


I hope these things help you stay busy this slow season! I’d love to know what you’re exciting to get to work on in the comments!


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