Pop the Bubbly, it’s 2018! What to Expect

Another year is here and I can hardly believe it. My momma was right when she said the older I got, the faster the time would go…and I don’t even have kids! Since this year will go by quicker than the last, I want to make some changes to Biz & Bubbly before the year gets away from me.

First, I want to say thank you so much for your support. I had no idea this blog would do so well in the first few months it was live. I have met some incredible people through this project and I think we’ve all helped a lot of business owners who are eager to go full time in their businesses.


What to Expect in 2018 on Biz and Bubbly by Morgan Anderson


That being said, I am so excited for a few things to be changing this year – for the better! Starting with a more user-friendly site and a brand refresh by the end of winter. I will keep you posted on when it will be so you can “cheers” with me!


Content Schedule


If you follow the blog or follow along on social media, I wanted to give you an idea of what you can expect so you can follow along where you please. Don’t stretch yourself thin trying to do #allthethings. Instead, chose one or two options to keep up with us!

  • 3 Weekly Blog posts focused on business and lifestyle tips for bosses.
  • Bi-Weekly secret blog posts when you join the Bubbly Squad newsletter.
  • Instagram stories and posts each week.
  • Blog post links posted to our Facebook Page and Facebook Live interviews with bosses from across the country.
  • The Boss Book Club that will consist of listening to 6 self-help books via Audible over the course of 2018. More details coming for that on Friday!

I hope you find the perfect place to hang out with me and our awesome guest contributors! Can’t wait to do awesome things in 2018 together!

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